Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose NV Jets over someone else?

NV Jets is the only operator in the state of Nevada with a clean certificate meaning it has never been violated by the FAA, TSA, or DOT. NV Jets is the only operator with guaranteed plane side departure and arrivals for your limosine in LAS VEGAS!!!! Stay private, sneak in... sneak out!!

What are your cancellation terms?

You can view ALL our terms HERE!

Will it really be an 'Experience to eNVy'?

We think so... Please check our social media pages to see how much people enjoy their experience!

Ok, So I want to get a quote and book it right now, what do I do?

You can contact us from our CONTACT US tab or Click here to request a quote now to send us an email.

Where are your planes?

Normally flying. However we have condensed our Menu and you can now find our aircraft HERE!

What do I do if I wanted to work for NV Jets?

Well, we have a whole page about that. It can be found here!!!

Does anything fun happen? Do you have a blog or news page?

As a matter of fact, we do!! You can find all the important things at NV Jets by visiting our NEWS PAGE HERE!!

Do we have any social media pages we can look at?

Of course, just like everyone else we are attached. You can find us here and everywhere else.

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