After over 8 years of being 'triple safety rated' we are on the right track to do it ourselves.


NV Jets held the Platinum rating for over 8 years in the State of Nevada. 

NV Jets have chosen to not renew their arg/us Platinum rating. 


Although there are many Arg/us platinum rating operators to choose from, ultimately, ALL standards above FAA standards are solely audited every 24 months.  This is a deciding factor on whether NV Jets should implement a more frequent evaluation program with a smaller window between full company audits.


At this time, NV Jets are progressing toward a promising 90 day audit cycle as this is more geared towards our heightened utilization. 

NV Jets held the Wingman rating for over 6 years in the State of Nevada.

The Wyvern Wingman Standard is an enhanced set of safety criteria developed over 20 years ago by a group that consisted of members of Fortune 100 companies and flight departments. 

Over the years, NV Jets have repeatedly met the Wyvern Audit Standard. We have grown from every experience and are truly grateful for ALL that we have learnt from being a Wingman Operator. '


We will proceed with all that we have learnt moving forward to continue to operate at a safer, more stringent standard. 

NV Jets decided not to renew our Wingman status - nonetheless, all NV Jets flights will still receive a Wyvern Pass Report.


NV Jets held the ONLY ISBAO Certification for over 4 years in the State of Nevada

IS-BAO registration is a global aviation “best practices” standard that no charter brokers meet, and only a few charter companies have achieved.

IS-BAO stands for “International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations”. 

ICAO have set protocols that we no longer feel compliment our in house standards. 

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